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Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle

Block shots, swish fade-aways, play tough D, and drive to the lane in this action packed hoops game. Win prize money to build your team and compete in tournaments across the country!

Soccer Battle

Soccer Battle

Team up with your friends in this action packed 3v3 online soccer game! Make the perfect pass and use real soccer strategy in PvP tournaments with over 100 teams and huge prizes!

Ted Ginn: Kick Return

Ted Ginn: Kick Return

Score touchdowns by hitting holes, tiptoeing the sidelines, and breaking tackles! Upgrade your players and compete in increasingly challenging tournaments.


The Basketball Battle - Winner of the Week collection immortalizes the Winner of the Weeks on the blockchain forever!

Basketball Battle - Winner of the Week


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DoubleTap is is a mobile game developer/publisher that specializes in building and scaling engaging free-to-play mobile sports games. We take pride in pushing the industry forward by creating games with new mechanics and control schemes that entertain and engage our players!

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It is tough competition out there but we are hear to help you! Reach out to us with any account issues and we will get you back on track. Also, we would love to hear from you about any game ideas or bugs that you find!